1290 Peaceful Life in God

Anson Hui was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disorder Type 1. He even didn’t get through kindergarten because he was a slow learner. But now he is a piano virtuoso, winning a great reputation in music art.
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1290 From Whom With Peace

Koty has been under anxiety and pressure every day.She was worried her son Anson. She always looked distressful.




1115 Happy Though Fatherless

Edwin’s father left him when he was small.
“Fatherless was such a regret for me.  I felt something missing in my life, my heart anguished.”

1196 Family Education

How parents mould the kids with intrinsic values. We cannot control their hardship to come about. The worst hardship may bring up the brightest kid.
We hope our kids come to know God starting from childhood.

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