A Guiding Light in the Lost Generation

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Vdb_WNh4Y?rel=0&showinfo=0;cc_load_policy=1%5DAs a boy, Lau Wang Cheung was brought up in a single parent family, his father
indulged in gambling. Despite difficulties and challenges, he decided to become
a social worker, to reach out to youths in the most problematic community.

Where sinful things abound, that’s where God’s grace prevails.

In darkness, we need more people to light up.

Thank you for Your love

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMSTWQK2HkY?rel=0&showinfo=0;cc_load_policy=1&w=853&h=480%5D
Agnes Chiang was once well known in the Entertainment Industry.  After getting married, she retired from her entertainment career.  Yet she continued to pursue after wealth and fame by making numerous investments in the stock market and realty.  Unfortunately the crackdown of 1998 Asian Financial Crisis wrecked Agnes.
At home, she considered herself a failed mother.  The children were rebellious and their relationship was poor.  Arriving at such hopelessness, how can Agnes overcome the difficulty?

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Education Changes Life

[youtube youtu.be/szFQ_WCrW9Q?rel=0&showinfo=0;cc_load_policy=1&w=853&h=480%5D
Alex brought up in adversity, he believes people can change through spiritual faith and education.
“I was not a good student in a traditional sense.  I used to be very naughty. I could only show my strength when I felt respected.”
His mission today is to encourage and help the youths, how to step out of their comfort zone and to live out an abundant life.

短片: 看不見的快樂

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3s_DXEv68M?rel=0&hl=es&cc_lang_pref=zh-Hant&cc_load_policy=1“&w=853&h=480]



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楊姵庭在台灣長大, 年青時非常貪玩,對毒品禍害又非常無知,她的生命被毒癮纏擾,到最後甚至因為吸毒而坐牢。內心一直得不到­滿足,人生充滿痛苦和無助。就在她感到絕望的時候,轉機出現了…..



[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIQh6d7rjuU?rel=0&hl=es&cc_lang_pref=zh-Hant&cc_load_policy=1“&w=853&h=480]