1232 Speaking for the Silent

In the early days, Grace as a new immigrant, she felt extremely miserable and always cried. Until God brought her to China, to see poorer and more desperate people. She asked herself “Shouldn’t I be satisfied?

Happy Though Fatherless II

Maur’s father left her suddenly due to marital affair.
“My father was murdered suddenly and I was anguished.”
A heart-broken woman, now has a fatherless daughter like her.
“We parted just two months after giving birth to my daughter.”
Despite all these failures, Maur made a right choice.

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1115 Happy Though Fatherless

Edwin’s father left him when he was small.
“Fatherless was such a regret for me.  I felt something missing in my life, my heart anguished.”

1196 The Path to God’s Blessing

“God dug me up from garbage and took me as His treasure.
You may think it is exaggerated but this is true about me and my family.”

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1196 Family Education

How parents mould the kids with intrinsic values. We cannot control their hardship to come about. The worst hardship may bring up the brightest kid.
We hope our kids come to know God starting from childhood.

1221 Mended by God

In the beginning, Kin had five to ten credit cards, Ending up to have twenty-three credit cards. “In 2002, my debt was over 500,000 dollars.”
Not only money, he also lost his marriage and family. Yet God rebuilt his life and family.
How could they make the marriage vow again?

1233 Tears of sorrow, Tears of joy

First she had to deal with the stress of 
her husband’s depression.
Then came the painful passing away of her husband and then family members.
Stricken with pain, she was on her own to raise her children.
All these hardships brought Anna lots of tears in sorrow.

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