Anchored in Faith – He is With Us

Although we are drifting the raging sea,but Jesus Christ has power to pacify it.
He abides and walks with us, going along with us through our life difficulties, leading us out of troubles.

1322 Medical Care – Gain

Facing different kinds of patients, the medical team was met with bigger challenges. Lawrence and Colin took them in faith each time.

1323 Medical Care – Guidance

She is an ophthalmology (eye) nurse, but took part in an orthopedic surgery which she was not familiar with.
“I know God wants me to learn to be humble, and to forget about my expertise, and to see God’s work in every situation.”
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1266 Unusual Boss

Zhang and Sung both are owners of this restaurant. They run this business on Christian faith, making them unusual boss.

1285 Happiness Invisible

At the age of 19, both of his eyes completely lost sight. By diligence and perseverance, Danny graduated in high school in the honor roll. Having lost sight for thirty years, he has some thought.
“Don’t take things for granted.”

1304 Have Faith, no doubt

From sickness to death, then cremated. It all happened only in ten days.
“That’s why I doubted so much to ask why this would happen. I was confused and had no answer.”

1302 Learn to be a good mother

In the past, Shao Yi told her kids to find somebody else when they came to her. Now she takes care of all my grandkids. “Is it God’s tough time or an opportunity for me?”
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