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曾奪溫哥華Hip Hop歌唱比賽冠軍的饒舌Rap歌手潘慶章(Bosco),出道後即漸有名氣。正當準備跟唱片公司簽約,忙於音樂創作的時候;他­­竟然捲入一宗綁架案,結果被判監十二年。獲假釋後今日他仍是一位饒舌歌手,更是一位­青­年傳道人,以歌曲與人分享他重獲新生的故事。

Rapper Bosco Poon won a Hip Hop contest in Vancouver, who sentenced to twelve years in jail due to a kidnap case. Now on parole, Bosco always shares his new life story.

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