1261 Reunion in Love

Reunioned with mom in France at age of twelve, but…
“Whatever she said, I went against her. I hurt myself deliberately in front of my mother.”

1323 Medical Care – Guidance

She is an ophthalmology (eye) nurse, but took part in an orthopedic surgery which she was not familiar with.
“I know God wants me to learn to be humble, and to forget about my expertise, and to see God’s work in every situation.”
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1266 Unusual Boss

Zhang and Sung both are owners of this restaurant. They run this business on Christian faith, making them unusual boss.

1232 Speaking for the Silent

In the early days, Grace as a new immigrant, she felt extremely miserable and always cried. Until God brought her to China, to see poorer and more desperate people. She asked herself “Shouldn’t I be satisfied?

Happy Though Fatherless II

Maur’s father left her suddenly due to marital affair.
“My father was murdered suddenly and I was anguished.”
A heart-broken woman, now has a fatherless daughter like her.
“We parted just two months after giving birth to my daughter.”
Despite all these failures, Maur made a right choice.

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1115 Happy Though Fatherless

Edwin’s father left him when he was small.
“Fatherless was such a regret for me.  I felt something missing in my life, my heart anguished.”

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